Type L – Bar & Half Strap – How to Order

Choose your options to configure your part number

Bar Type (Type)
connection on both ends
Assembled or kit (assembly)
A - Assembled (Factory Assembles)
K - Kit (Customer Assembles)
When using L1 inside a mesh panel as shown in the picture below please allow 4mm gap on each side.
Ex. - Panel Height - 1835mm
Ex. - Half Strap Height - 1827mm

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L1 - 45 x 19 ( Half Strap)
L2 - 45 x 45
L3 - 45 x 90
L4 - 90 x 90
Length of Bar (mm)
T - Tie Plates 45 x 90
P - Tie Plates 90 x 90
A - 45  x 45 Angles (good on L2)
B - 45 x 90 Angles ( good on L2 or L3)
C - 90 x 90 Angles (good on L3 or  L4)
H - Hinge for the 45mm Side (good on L2 or L3)
Z - No Hardware
Y - Yellow Insert - 2 Sides
O - Orange Insert - 2 Sides
Z - None
Powder Coating Available Upon Request
Shipped Loose