Type H – Sliding Door Section – How to Order

Sliding Door Type (Type)
Handle Options
panel material (panel)
foot type (foot)
Assembled or kit (assembly)
A - Assembled (Factory Assembles)
K - Kit (Customer Assembles)

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H1 -  Single Panel - Slides Left
H2 -  Single Panel - Slides Right
H3 -  Double Panel - Slides Left
H4 -  Double Panel - Slides Right
H5 -  Single Panel W/O Legs - Slides Left
H6 -  Single Panel W/O Legs - Slides Right
H7 -  Double Panel W/O Legs - Slides Left
H8 -  Double Panel W/O Legs - Slides Right
Height of Door Assembly (mm)
Measured From Bottom of Foot to the Top of the Guard
Max Door Panel Height = 2400mm
Width of Door Assembly (mm)
Max Width is 1200mm
Measure from Outside Edge to Outside Edge
Sweep of Door Assembly (mm)
Measured from Bottom of Foot to the Bottom of the Guard
Height - Sweep = Panel Height
D - D Handles W/ Ball Catch
L - Slide Door Latching Handle W/ Lock
X - No Handles W/ Catch
Z - None
Y - Yellow Insert
O - Orange Insert
J - Orange Insert on Inside Yellow on Outside
Q - Orange in Door Frame, Yellow on Outside
Z - None
Z - No Connection (Std on A4)
P - 1/4 Inch Polycarbonate
B - White - PVC Board
C - Blue - PVC Board
E - Black - PVC Board
J - Grey - PVC Board
C - 0.090 Aluminum Panel - Not Coated
L - Aluminum Composite Panel
R - No Panel W/ Retainer Insert (Thin)
N - No Mesh W/ Retainer Insert (Thick)
Z - No Panel
Other Panels, Mesh, & Colors Available Upon Request
T - 3 Sided Foot (Can Be Adjusted at Install)
Z - No Foot